Andy Card Oklahoma Holster                                                                           $ 450.00   Free Domestic Shipping

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Commonly referred to as the "Horse and Rider" holster many dealers erroneously mistake this for an earlier piece. Right hand holster is in excellent condition;
maker marked Andy Card Oklahoma City. Andy Card Saddlery was in business in the 1940's. I've seen rigs with the matching belt offered for sale for over $1200.
Next time you see one at a show be sure and tell them you know exactly who made it, and when ;-)  and you can tell them where you found this out. Click on the
image above to view the close up photos and supporting documentation. This holster is as pristine as any I've ever seen. Marked 2454 - 6".
Genuine Cowboy Gear. Vintage and antique, Cowboy Holsters, Spurs, Chaps, Gun belts etc., both maker marked & unmarked for the collectorIf they wore it, it'll be here.
Vintage and antique, Cowboy
Holsters, Spurs, Chaps, Gun belts
etc., both maker marked & unmarked
for the collector
If they wore it, it'll be here.
Fancy Mexican Charro Gold Embroidered Holster                                                 $ 375 Free Domestic Shipping


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Ca 1910 Mexican Revolution era Piteado Gold Billion Embroidered leather holster, very well made depicting florals, swags and greenery. The skirt is also embroidered.
Threads show some wear and soiling but are all present and not broken. Leather trigger strap is rough, has been broken off and reattached on the edge nearest the
back. Fits longer barrel pistol as it measures 8" on the right side. 4 1/2" outside diameter across the top. Open toe.  Ready to go, nice holster, one of the best Piteado
holsters I've ever seen
Shipping Quote Mexican Charro Holster
Mexican Charro holster
Bohlin Fast Draw Left Hand Holster                                                                      $ 475 Free Domestic Shipping

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Comes with copies of original Edward Bohlin Patent Documents this great holster has a retention strap and a bulge on the inner holster that keeps the revolver
handle suspended in an outward position. Fits .45 with a 5 1/2" barrel like a glove. Heavy, heavy leather: stitching is complete and intact. Lots of use but no tears,
there are some scratches to the front of the holster. Trigger retention strap is fragile. Decorative loop with buckle. Shield shape Maker mark reads EDW. H. BOHLIN
INC. MAKER HOLLYWOOD, CAL., under which is written Pat. Pend which dates this beauty to 1959 when the patent was applied for. Note the decorative strap (loop)
with buckle, I can't say if this is the original piece or not. Small burn mark near the buckle. This is a
superior, well made holster.
Shipping Quote Bohlin Left Hand Holster
Bohlin Left Hand Holster
Left Hand Bohlin fast draw holster
J. T. IRICK, CASPER WYO Holster with brass spots                                        $  485.00 Free Domestic Shipping


Sweet and sturdy! Nice antique holster from a highly regarded maker. J T Irick started his career in Cheyenne Wyoming working under F.A. Meanea and came north
after Meanea's death to open his own saddlery. This lined holster is made of extra thick harness leather. The holster has not been cut down, the loop is good and tight;
no rot or repairs. There is one of three small rivet towards the top inside that was put in place to hold the lining. The lining has come away from the rivet around the
edges but it's still intact and not completely torn away.  The holster has decorative whip stitching around the inner areas, all hand done; it's very attractive.  It's been
bunkhouse decorated with brass spots; there is one larger 13/16" spot that forms the center of a 'flower' and the others are all about 9/16" making a dozen spots in all.
This is a holster for a shorter barrel gun, possibly a Colt Police Positive with a  4" barrel or Lightning Shopkeeper model. The actual dimensions are 7.5" on the barrel
side by 3 3/4" across the opening.  
Diamond Brand Stamped leather double loop holster                                     $ 250.00 Free Domestic shipping

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Just a really nice representation of a regular cowboy's holster: Marked Diamond Brand 6 1/2 - 38 (made for Shapleighs) on the upper hoop this type of hardware
store holster was probably more in demand than many of the famous maker's brands however one seldom ever sees them on the open market. This one has a
beautiful patina you'll be proud to show off. Very attractive border patterns with three large rosettes and is lined with soft suede. Condition is excellent.
heavy drop style S. D. Myres El Paso TX Holster  for 3 1/2"  .44 cal                  $ 225.00 Free Domestic Shipping

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Exceedingly heavy Myres holster with outstanding carving toe plug and retention strap. It has a very strong maker mark includes patent mark 2092.222  dating it to
1938-1939. The front of the drop area is also carved: the back has two unique snaps so one does not need to slide it all the way off a cartridge belt, but simply undo the
snaps to remove it. Probably made for a policemen's duty belt. There is a small amount of damage to the area of the toe. Please look at the close-up pictures of this
spot. Intricate construction.
Nice Andy Card style "Horse and Rider" rifle scabbard + matching .44 holster           $ 395 Free USA Shipping



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Rare, Rare, Rare! Andy Card style rifle scabbard in medium russet, light duty leather to match all those "Horse and Rider" holsters out there. The image shows what
that Cowboy was doing: Lassoing a Mustang, which is not shown on any of the holsters. Stamped design around the edge matches the leaf pattern on the outside
edges of all the holsters. Marked on the top 55 97 30, this scabbard has an open toe. Some cracking of the leather down the spine and a little crispy at the top but
overall acceptable for this exceedingly hard to find piece. 32" in length on the barrel side. Saddle ring and strap keepers are all in place. Bottom 1 1/2" has thread
separation. Comes with the matching light duty belt holster for a .44 cal large frame revolver. Almost plain but has the same edge pattern. Some scuffs, but will
probably buff out.
Hamley Pendleton ORE Holster                                                                            $ 235 Free Domestic Shipping



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This belt holster appears in Hamley's 1927 catalog. What superb condition! Leather border tooling depicts leaves and vines on a ribbed ground and is as crisp as a new
$1 bill. The trigger guard strap has the original snap which still retains over 50% of it's original paint. Made of heavy duty harness leather and was built to last. Bottom
rivet, or possibly a leather string is missing. Beautiful deep rich patina. Measures 7 1/2" on the barrel end, 5" wide across the top to fit 5 - 5 1/2" Barrel
Shipping Quote Hamley Belt holster
Hamley Belt holster
Heiser Denver # 730 open top tooled holster                                                                   $275  Free Domestic Shipping

                                                                   click on image for more photos

Beautiful condition on this Heiser belt holster with tooled floral carving and stippled ground. Classic Heiser. Notice all the small tacks, two on the front top and bottom
and two on the back.. they all are marked HHH for House of Heiser. Open toe. Measures 9" on the barrel side.
Andy Card holster
Shipping Quote Andy Card Holster
Shipping Quote Myres 1930's holster
Myres 1930s holster
Shipping Quote Diamond Brand Holster
Diamond Brand Holster
Awesome pair of Wyeth St Joseph Missouri Cowboy Cuffs                            $400.00 Free Domestic shipping

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Wyeth collectors out there had better sit up and take note: this is the only set of Wyeth cuffs I've ever seen. These cuffs have a great old patina and are in overall
good condition. No really deep scarring. Original Wyeth Warranted brass snap covers (one is missing unfortunately) The cuffs measure 5 1/2" in length. Beautiful,
simple design of two sets of rectangles made from an s repeat patterns with corner rosettes. One cuff has a feint "rocking O" brand etched into it.
Shipping Quote Wyeth Cuffs
Wyeth Cuffs
J S Collins & CO Wyoming Territory Spur Straps 1880-1886                           $ 850.00 Free Domestic Shipping

click on the image above for more photos

Very hard to find, matched pair of J S Collins & Co Spur straps marked Cheyenne WYO. This particular line is marked # 2 which would mean this is their second
style of spur straps in the company's history. As the Cheyenne shop closed in 1886, that means these straps predate that time. Straps are in good condition for their
age. Each is marked with the cowboy owner's "W" There is light decoration on each strap that shows even wear. Great patina. Check the horse tack page for
Collins saddlepockets!
Heiser open top # 730 holster
Shipping Quote Heiser open top # 730 holster
J S Collins Spur Straps
Shipping Quote Collins spur straps
Wyeth Hardware # 847 Double loop right hand holster                                      $ 450.00 Free Domestic Shipping


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Very nice early double loop with the Wyeth Hardware mark, has the letters A A C carfed into the top loop. Measures 10" on the barrel side. Leather is rigid and not
rotted with a pleasing art nouveau stamped design with tiny rosettes at the turns. Fits medium frame (.32, .38) with a long barrel.
R T Frazier Pueblo Colorado.45 cal Cartridge belt                                              $ 250.00  Free Domestic shipping

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Excellent strong maker mark on this cartridge belt. Square nickle buckle, some chips with rusting. Stitching is stong, all loops intact and have not been restitched. Belt
fits 30" to 37". Medium duty leather with moderate edge chipping to the leather. Item discounted due to wear on the edges but still a desirable caliber and maker.
R T Frazier .45 Cartridge belt
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Shipping Quote Hamley Belt holster
Wyeth Double loop holster

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    department like a
    Goettlich Montana
    Territory document
    bags, and a beautiful
    accessory pouch.

    Be sure to check the
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    great saddlebags by  
    Collins & Morrison,
Horse and Rider Scabbard and Holser
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New Rig, handmade .38+ cal                                                                                                                $ 282.00 Free Domestic Shipping     


   Click here or on photo to view more images

This is a newly-made and little used double loop rig for your small to medium frame RH revolver. Extra quality construction throughout. Enhanced with a nice tooled pattern
on the holster and cartridge belt. Fits 44" - 50" waist. Cartridge loops look to be .38 cal but with this being new, the loops could stretch to a larger caliber. Clipped corner
nickle silver North & Judd buckle. Heavy duty 2x harness leather. Holster measures 11" on barrel side. Closed toe.  Doubled, folded over belt could easily be made into a
money belt. A lot of work went into this piece you won't be disappointed in the quality.
Shipping Quote New Rig
New Rig
Three spotted Bronch belts                                                                                                                                                $ 252.00 Free shipping

click here or on picture for an enlarged view

Top: slender spotted belt for cowgirl. The tips of the two straps are gone.
Middle: Very early George Lawrence (marked) Broncho belt; brass spots. Heavy and well constructed. Only one of three straps present.
Bottom: Lighter duty broncho belt , with diamonds and star spots. Good condition.
Broncho belts
Shipping Quote Broncho belts
J T Irick Spotted holster
RARE EATON'S RANCH WOLF, WYOMING DUDE'S RIG                                                               SOLD Free Domestic Shipping

Click on photo for larger pictures

Now here's something you don't see every day! Super rare holser and cartridge belt. The cartridge belt is an inexpensive, stamped Marshall-Wells department store
variety however the value here is in the holster which bears the stamp of the most  famous Dude Ranch in Wyoming, the Eaton's Ranch in Wolf, near Sheridan. The
stamp is the likeness of the brand logo which is still used to this day, an oval coiled lariat with an arrow pointing upwards in the middle of the ropes. Condition of the
holster and belt is about fair-good. The belt is worst for the wear, the cartridge loops have become unstitched from the belt, the square buckle is scuffed and worn.
It's stamped 98.  The double loop holster is in better condition; the loops are just barely hanging on, the leather on the inside is torn but not rotted through or repaired.
The leather is light duty, probably meant more of an 1890's souvenir of the 135 year old Ranch than anything but the fact that it's survived at all is remarkable.  
Measures 9" on the barrel side and the opening is 5" across the top.