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Cowboy Lucky Ranger 1950's Novelty Clock works fine HTF                         Inquire

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WONDERFUL vintage novelty clock made ca 1950 by Household Necessities. This is soooo cool! Sold elsewhere on the internet for $899.00 (the condition on
it isn't as nice as this one either) this is a rare and desirable clock. The clock stands 11 3/4" tall. The top features a plastic cowboy's 'log' home which holds
the clockwork. It has sculpted and molded grasses and cacti on the front. Under the main housing the plastic is shaped like a horseshoe. Inside the
horseshoe is a nice lithograph print of a long wagon train with Pioneers forging the prairie, the towering Rockies in the distance. The pendulum is neat!
Rather than swing to and fro, it bounces up and down! Solid cast iron and cold painted, it's a cute little cowboy riding a bucking bronco, he's holding his hat
aloft and hanging on for dear life!
Powder River Let 'er Buck! :-)

The forward legs are aluminum and emulate a corral fence, they help to allow the clock to remain stable.

It's no wonder this is one very highly sought-after clock for anyone who collects clocks or cowboy items, it's very very cool.

Condition overall is good. The plastic housing is in nice shape with no chips or dings. The litho scene has a little bow in it (it may have been made that way)
but it's not stained or soiled. The cast iron cowboy has most of his original paint. If you study the macro photo of the cowboy closely you will see his that one
of the horse's hoofs (at the rear) has broken to the level of the other one. If there wasn't any shiny metal on that spot you sure wouldn't notice it and you can't
see any damage when viewing from full on anyway.

Like most of these vintage clocks they have to sit "just so" in order to work correctly. I've had this clock sitting here for days and the bronco buster is just
happily bouncing away. The clock is running a little fast but there are directions on the back to adjust the speed. It probably also needs to be cleaned
because there was a considerable amount of dust on the outside of this piece too.

Be the only kid on your block to own such a rare clock! Will be packed with utmost care! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or
Real Photo Post Card RPPC Z T Pitchfork,  Wyoming                                            $ 35.00 FREE SHIPPING

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Nice photo post card of a man atop his horse in front of a barn and stables. The card reads Z/T RANCH PITCHFORK, WYOMING "READY FOR THE ROUNDUP"
Great moment in time from a very memorable and Historical Ranch near Meeteetse. The Cowboy is wearing dramatic woolly chaps and carries a pistol in a
loop holster. Postally used, dated October 1922. Image is slightly blurry, overall condition is good.
S. D. Myres Saddle Company El Paso TX  Catalog                                                                        $ 155.00 FREE SHIPPING

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The 35 page booklet or catalog is in nice shape with minimal wear and tear. The book is entirely printed in sepia tone
photographs. This is an original, circa late 1930's book.

At the time, Myres had built an excellent reputation among Border Patrol officers and the first several pages is devoted to
their equipment: Sam Browne Belts, Hand Cuff Cases, cartridge cases, etc. There are more tooled holsters than you can
shake a stick at in Ranger and Tom Threepersons Styles including some boot holsters, cross-draw holsters and shoulder
holsters. There's even a very nifty Wrist band spring holster for a .41 Derringer. There are specialty holsters such as a No. 38
Quick draw Detective Model for either a Colt or Smith & Wesson, and several styles of a Specialty No 980 for a 22 - K S & W,  
Colt Woodsman or Hi-Standard, You'll find cases for automatic pistols, brief cases that are fully tooled, Belt slide Loops, knife
sheaths, clip cases, an awesome rifle scabbard, shell Cases,: Equipment for Sportsmen such as Carbine Scabbards, Gun
cases, Cartridge belts, and some incredibly rich Ranger Sterling Buckle sets: By the time we get to page 29 the Buscadero
rigs are featured with heavy and ornate tooling on the belts and holsters and several more pages of exquisite belts, both
dress and cartridge and finally some fully carved Club and Kodak bags.

The front cover has a photograph of Captain John R Hughes, the last Texas Ranger and the back has a picture of Cowboy Star
Gene Autry wearing the most outrageous pair of Myres carved chaps I have ever seen. The first few inner pages are
testimonials from customers including H H Carmichael, the father of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Charles Askins
Two Time National Champion Pistol Shot and Ed McGivern, Firearms authority from Lewiston Montana, and J H Fitzgerald,
Firearms Expert. This is an original, period catalog, not a reprint!
RPPC Pitchfork WY
Myres Catalog
Large collection of Wyoming Farm Bulletins 1915 - 1919                                        $ 35.00 FREE SHIPPING

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Collection of 17 black and white Wyoming Farm Bulletins plus 1928 Extension Service and 1913 and 1914 Wyoming School
Journals. All individually bagged, and all in good to excellent condition. Originally delivered to Jireh Wyoming which is now
officially a ghost town.  
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Original old Buffalo Bill Wild West show souvenir statue              $ 170.00 Free Domestic Shipping      


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Nice period heavy cast white metal statue of Buffalo Bill on his horse; these statues originally sold for $1 at Buffalo Bill's
Wild West Show. The original, copper paint is mostly worn away but the sculpture itself is in good condition and is complete
with the reins and lasso that is held aloft in Cody's right hand. The figure of Cody along with the saddle and panniers has
been soldered to the base (being his horse). Base is 7 1/2" x 3" and statue is about 9" tall. Weighs about 4 pounds. A
difficult piece to find with all original components intact, well executed.
Buffalo Bill Statue
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Great old scrimshaw Ivory billiard ball                                                                       $ 395.00 FREE SHIPPING

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It's the 1800's and the cue ball from your billiards game has a crack.. you replace it with a new one, but what do you do with the old one? You scrimshaw it! Great
authentic old scrimshaw, not some modern laser-cut piece of "faux" ivory or vegetable ivory: This is the real deal! The hand cut images around the mid body
show a whaling schooner and four men in a dory about to harpoon a whale. The top of the ball shows an image of  a man in Arctic clothing hauling a seal across an
ice floe. The bottom is an image of a Polar Bear. There is a crack in the ivory ball that has been fortified, it looks like glue but this is still a really great piece. The
crack goes all the way through the ball from what I can see.  Please observe the close-up photos. Weighs 7 ounces and measures about 2 3/8" in diameter.
Overseas buyers please be aware you may be required to pay significant Duties and Taxes on this item, I do not falsify Customs forms. Thanks!
Ivory Scrimshaw Ball
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Antique 18th Century cowhorn powder horn complete                                   SOLD

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Wonderful large 18th Century cow horn powder flask in excellent condition. Beautiful patina. Domed wood top and carved
and fitted bottom with original stopper plug. The top is affixed with tiny square head nails. Leather strap is rotted and apart
in pieces but will include. Initials V V inscribed in the top. One of the cleanest cow horn powder flasks I've ever seen. About
13" long. Still has powder inside.
Farm Bulletins
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SOLID BRASS ANTIQUE BOOKENDS                                                      $ 275 Free Domestic Shipping

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Wonderful set of turn of the century bookends, sometimes called Empty Saddle or Grazing Pony. The patina is excellent,
detail is great. They measure 3.5" high x 4" in length. No Antique or Western book collection is complete without them!
Empty Saddle bookends
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1950's Chenile Twin bedspread Yahoo Buckaroo Theme                                           $ 60.00 Free ship

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Relive your childhood memories or create new ones with this charming twin size chenile bedspread. There are a couple of stains and spots please click to
view the close up pictures. The chenile is thin but there are no holes. Shipped free of charge in the United States.
great KIRWAN & NEILSON LUSK WYO accessory pouch                       $ 285 Free Domestic Shipping


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Sweet little pouch made of saddle leather with an excellent maker's mark of this popular Wyoming Saddlery. They were usually
made to hold fence pliers but cowboys could put just about anything in them.
John  William "Jack" Kirwan was born in Pennsylvania in 1885. He moved out west to Wyoming with his Missouri bride Anna
around 1915. He served in World War 1 in the Army and returned to Douglas Wyoming where he enjoyed spending time making
saddles at his shop. In the late 1930's his wife passed away and he moved to the nearby town of Lusk Wyoming where he
partnered with T. C. Neilson in his shoe shop, and together they built a reputation for finely crafted saddles under the name of
Kirwan & Neilson. Kirwan died at age 54 of influenza in 1944. This pouch measures 5 1/2" across the top, is 3" tall and opens
about 3/4" wide with it's gusset insert. Perfect condition. Note the little side tangs off the back of this piece, it can be nailed to a
wall or tied to a saddle with a latigo. Items from this saddlery (other than their well build saddles) are exceedingly difficult to find.
Historical information is my own intellectual property. Do not copy.
Kirwan Neilson pouch
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great early Valise Ernest Gottlich Helena Mont                                     $ 800 Free Domestic Shipping

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Amazing early leather valise marked E Gottlich, Helena Mont, a very rare and desirable maker. My research indicates
Ernest Gottlich was born in 1856 and died 1937. He first commenced wotk in Helena Montana under the company of A. J.
Davidson. Later, in Bozeman he worked for Frank Estler. By 1880 he opened a shop with a partner in Miles City Montana  
but in 1881 his parnership dissolved and Gottlich eventually sold his Miles City saddlery to Al Furstnow, and moved to
Livingston Montana where he continued to make saddles until 1889 when his shop was destroyed by fire. It was in 1895 he
moved back to Helena and established himself there as a premier saddlemaker and thus helps to date this marvelous
valise to ca. before the turn of the century. [
please note this historical data was developed by myself using census and other
records and thus is copyright and subject to all laws.
Do not copy] This valise measures 14 1/2" x 10 1/4" and shows
appropriate wear and staining of the leather. The latch mechanism is adjustable to three places and works well. There are
two inner compartments, one with a pouch on the inner wall. The stitching has started to come away on the back of the
gusset (please see the photos) but can be repaired. Beautiful aged patina.
Gottlich Valise
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Chenile spread