1862 Ames Mfg Non-Commissioned Officer's sword ADK from Wyoming                                   SOLD

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Ames Manufacturing, Chicopee Massachusetts 1862, Non-Commissioned Officers sword (M1840)

Marked on one side US A.D.K. 1862. (ADK is the inspector's mark  for King): On the other side it reads Made by Ames Mfg Co Chicopee Mass. On the guard that protects
the knuckles it is stamped J M in the brass.

Guaranteed 100% authentic. The brass has some pitting especially towards the inside of the finger guard. There is some plating loss to the brass and denting especially
on the top knurl. I don't have much experience grading these kinds of things so please check out the pictures in great detail as they show every detail.  Purchased from
a Wyoming estate. Whether or not this weapon ever saw Indian Wars action is beyond me. There were many Forts in Wyoming Territory and all were fairly active.

Measurements: the blade is 32" long. The brass handle is about 6 1/2" for a total length of 38 1/2" overall. No scabbard
Hand Colored Stereo View card:                                                                                                                                       $ 28.50 FREE SHIPPING
W.W. I. U.S. Cavalry men in mess tent Soldiers caught eating & drinking

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Superb Stereo view card. The card has been hand tinted after the image was taken and before being printed. The card is entitled 12. One of Uncle Sam's Banquets and is in
excellent condition. The card measures 7 " x 3 1/2". There is no manufacturers mark or publisher name.

The image was taken from the head of the table in a mess tent. There are two soldiers on either side dressed in white, they both have their hats on and are just finishing
their meal. A waiter / server stands off to the side, he has some kind of pan in his left hand. Next to the two men in the foreground, the men on the left side are most visible.
There are three more men looking and mugging for the camera, and holding their coffee cups. The second soldier on the right is wearing his uniform and is hatless. All the
other soldiers are wearing their hats and you can see the emblem of the crossed swords indicating they are Cavalry. Excellent quality and a super peek into the daily life of a

The card is in excellent condition with only a small bump to the upper right corner. If you collect Militaria and / or Cavalry items you'd better jump all over this one, this is a
rare card and a great image.
Civil War to WWII U. S. Cavalry & Military
goods, from  US marked horse tack to
books, photographic images and more.
1860's CIVIL WAR 6th MAINE VOLUNTEERS PACKAGE LOT                                                                                               $ 225.00 FREE SHIPPING


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1. Letter from Quartermaster General's Office Washington City to Lt. A. P. Buck at White Oak Virginia. The letter is an acknowledgement of receipt by the Office of Buck's Form 23
and an Order for more information "without abstracts or vouchers"
2. Brass Uniform Insignia Pin "6" (for 6th Volunteers)
3. Brass Uniform Pin of a Hand Holding a Ring
4. 1911 magazine page showing two reprinted photos of the Squad
This entire lot
also includes an extensive information, 5 pages in length, about Lieut. Buck and the company's extensive forays
Beautiful circa 1860's CIVIL WAR OFFICER'S MESS KIT                                                                                               $ 495.00 FREE SHIPPING
containing Knife, Fork, Spoon, Corkscrew, leather holder, drinking glass in original pouch


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It's said an Army Travels on it's stomach and this tiny, Ivory-handled, Silver Plated mess kit is testament to the statement.

  • The pouch is frail. It is made of woven cotton and has a snap hinge frame around the top. Could be restored by a textile historian. Closure works well.
  • The drinking tumbler is hand blown Flint Glass with a ground rim and polished bottom. Excellent condition no chips or cracks. Measures 3 1/2"
  • The small leather pouch has a loop to retain the instruments and a tab on the top so it can be pulled from the drinking glass. I believe it's made of tanned deer
    chamois or pigskin.
  • The Fork and Corkscrew combination: good working condition. The silver plating shows some wear. The handle is Ivory and has a rich, used patina. The
    corkscrew has some rust. There is a small piece of ivory missing from one end.
  • The Spoon and Knife combination: spoon operates well, I could not get the knife out and didn't' t want to force it. The spoon has wear to the silver plating. There
    is a mid-body crack to the Ivory on one side of the handle.

This is a fantastic and rare period piece guaranteed authentic. I've never seen one of these outside of a Museum, fantastic Heirloom quality item
U.S. Cavalry Crossed Sabres emblem steel cigarette case                                                                                      $ 425.00 FREE SHIPPING


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Nice early cigarette case made of steel with bronze Eagle and crossed Sabres. The case may have been blued at one time however now is pitted. Inside the case has some
pitting. The arm that holds the cigarettes appears to be sterling silver however it is unmarked and thus helps in dating this case to just before the turn of the century. An
excellent cross-collectible for Militaria or Tobacciana collectors.
US Cav Stereoview card
Ivory Mess Kit
Maine 6th package
US Cav cigarette case
Early NY or National Guard Cartridge Box                                                                                                                         $ 115.00 FREE SHIPPING


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Very early cartridge box in fair to good condition; Original belt loops on the back are gone. This cartridge box pre-dates those with tin inserts as this one has a wood insert to
hold sixteen cartridges measuring 1.5cm x 4.75cm. The top flap is embellished with a brass NG symbol which may have indicated National Guard although I understand some
New York companies used this as well. The top flap is completely away from the box back, the stitching that holds these two pieces has been gone a long time. The leather
strap that holds the flap down and goes over the brass nipple on the bottom is also very frail, The box measures 6 3/8" x 4" x 1 5/8" and top flap overlaps those measurements.
Civil War Cartridge Box
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Civil War Flask partial repro                                                                                                                                                        $ 85.00 Free ship

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From a museum display: Authentic civil war flask: the inner glass is gone and has been replaced with balsa wood for display purposes.  The original leather wrap, screw
top and sterling silver bottom have are intact. This is a stunningly beautiful display piece. 6" tall.
Civil War Flask
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